Outsourced Feelings releases another feel-good single, ‘Lost In Love’ – Reignland

Outsourced Feeling gets you lost in their new single, ‘Lost In Love’ with their first collab with a female vocalist. This single is so blissful, feels like a cool breeze from the first listen. I always love their music. It’s like they just go in the studio and put a summer day on the track and boom there goes a new track. It’s not a fun song I would say because it talks about the pain of falling in love but it does make it easier to deal with. I think songs like these, even talking about pain, speak on it in such a way that it makes the pain easier to deal with.

Outsourced Feelings is a project imagined by Arianna O’Dell and collaboration with talented musicians around the world. Get the track now and fall in love.

Connect: http://www.instagram.com/outsourcedfeelings