Nsolo has released a brand new track called “Fever Dream” – Reignland


Nsolo has released an life forming track called “Fever Dream” The Song is about a confusing and messy relationship with someone. Co-dependency is dangerous in almost any context and looking back at memories of that can feel like a fever dream I’m an LA-based Mexican artist who makes R&B music, which leans a little into some more alternative/electronic stuff at times. Some people say I sound a little bit like James Blake on certain tracks, but I’m also influenced a lot by Maxwell and how he uses falsetto in his records, and Frank Ocean in how he writes and crafts stories in his songs. I used to record tracks in my car since I didn’t have studio space, but since moving, I am now currently recording from my bedroom most of the time.

This song resonated with me since I had two alcoholic parent and I became the co-dependent one. So much truth was spoken in this track, it will open your eyes. The song is also beautifully written as it does entertain you with the good vibes of music and vocals. The guitar and drums mesh together well to bring out a great sound. Be sure to listen to the track above and leave a feedback below.