Narrows North releases relatable track “Pain Is My Best Friend” – Reignland

After being kicked out of his childhood home and having his belongings, furniture, and even his guitar destroyed, singer/songwriter Michael had to get up and find his footing again. “Pain is My Best Friend” is a song about how no matter how bad it gets you can use that negative as energy and fuel. The vocalist passionately showcases his emotions using his raw and powerful vocals to bring the listener into his journey. The band adds the rest of the story by outstandingly playing instruments that form the amazing instrumental. J

“Why is being yourself so insane?” is the lyric that perfectly describes Narrows North. While most music is dominated by 808s, Narrows North alternatively uses real instruments and a unique lyrical perspective making them unlikely rebels in the current landscape. While not intentionally trying to be disruptive they are not shy of shunning the status quo and doing what comes naturally.