Nané has released a high energy track called “Blue Velvet” – Reignland

Nane has released an exciting new track called “Blue Velvet” All that said, here’s some background for you: Nané came together and led to the impeccable union of Ian Green (guitar), Scott McIntyre (bass), Brady Knippa (drums), and David Thacker (keys). Called Nané as a term of endearment by his family in the Dominican Republic, Daniel determined the band’s name with a communal approach in mind – when you call him (and his band) Nané, you’re family too. It’s really upbeat and exciting with energetic drums, guitars and fantastic vocals with background harmony. The lyrics are wonderful throughout the song! This is great for a workout or just a high energy dance all by yourself with no one watching! Beautifully done. Check this out and share your thoughts below.