Nadia Vaeh has released and an awesome new track called “Boomerang” – Reignland

Nadia Vaeh has released a wonderful new track called Boomerang” “The stresses and strains of an abusive, co-dependent relationship inspired the lyrics for the song,” says Nadia Vaeh. “When trapped in this relationship I was broken, and a shell of the person I should have been. What an empowering song?! She is so honest about how it is in an abusive situation, everyone need to hear this so they know it’s possible to free yourself and hopefully not to return to that toxic life again. The vocals are perfectly matched to the great tones of the guitar and drums as it becomes an exciting upbeat number, it’s a song to build you up and help you turn away from this negative situation. Great work! Be sure to listen to the track above and leave feedback below. Add this wonderful song to your playlist.