MOURN isn’t feeling too good about the current state of the world in new single, This Feel Is Digusting – Reignland

Today Barcelona trio, MOURN, announces their forthcoming album, Self Worth, out October 30 via Captured Tracks. Along with the announcement, MOURN released their second single “This Feeling Is Disgusting” with a music video. The video opens on the trio during a therapy session about the current state of the world and articulates the honest, angsty emotion that “it sucks.” They literally suck you in with two guitar plucks at the beginning before the song goes wild with electrifying guitar melodies. Their vocals remind me of that retro rock from the 60’s. It has such a nostalgic sound to it. Even though it’s about a sad time, it makes you want to get up and rock out.

MOURN on “This Feeling Is Disgusting”: The song is really about fear of the future, being anxious about what’s going to happen, not knowing if you’re going to be able to earn a living or not. It’s a really happy song, but one that represents being stressed out. The idea of “I don’t know if I’ll be able to afford an apartment any time soon, but hey, let’s dance and have fun!” That’s the concept behind it, and that’s what I was thinking about while writing the lyrics. I also thought about my parents, and everyone’s parents. They often have high expectations for you, or they want a certain lifestyle for you, and you don’t always agree with that. So you try so hard to do life your own way, but you’re super stressed out and you’re scared, and every now and then you think “Is it worth it?” In the end, I think it’s worth it.

According to their press release, a lot’s changed for the Catalan three-piece since the release of Sorpresa Familia, their boisterous 2018 record, that was praised by Pitchfork complementing their “newfound maturity of songcraft without sacrificing youthful energy” and NPR saying “equal parts joy and rage.” They’ve undergone a lineup change (drummer Antonio Postius left the band in 2019) and done a fair amount of growing up. As a result, they don’t feel as angry as they did on Sorpresa – their new music is brighter, borne of a more peaceful, collaborative creative process. The band isn’t the same as when they formed. The world isn’t either. MOURN grew up, and that’s evident in the songs that make up Self Worth. Their melodies – energetic and captivating – venture into fewer level grounds and their lyrics show their newfound readiness to tackle issues of different weight and size.

They are exceptional and I can’t wait to hear more from them.


Listen to “This Feeling Is Disgusting” here 

Presave/preorder Self Worth here.