Motenko has released an oldie but goodie sound called “On Your Level” – Reignland

The Austin, Texas-based quartet Motenko has released a brand new track called “On Your Level” The band formed in early 2018. I love the horns. The track also features great drums and piano/keyboard in the oldie’s but goodies fashion ain’t nothin but the gospel truth! “We want the music to sound like the stuff we listen to between gigs—like the music we all first fell in love with and made us want to play in the first place,” Micah shares.

This will take you down memory lane if you are at the right age! I loved every bit of this great track. Be sure to listen to this track above and leave your feedback below, add it to your playlist if you are grown up enough. Lol

Get the track: spotify.com, youtube.com

Connect: https://motenkomusic.com/