Michael Hinckley has released an astounding and touching new track called “Sister” – Reignland

Michael Hinckley has released a touching new track called “Sister” This track was very emotional for me…I loved the story and the video was a beautiful way to clarify it. The vocals and lyrics were the very best of this track and yes the music was extra special. Love it all! I have three sisters and have always been impressed by their strength and their capacity to care for others. I wrote this song to dignify the journey of young women as they stretch and grow into power. The sister in the song finds herself rejected by friends and men and prays to the Virgin Mary because only a woman can understand her misery. The events of the song humiliate her, but it takes a hopeful turn as she finds light in her child and decides that she will seek her own happiness with him. Be sure to listen to the track above and and share your feedback below. Add this to your playlist.