MadD3E has released a fabulous new track called “Know Me Better Feat. Bluesforthehorn – Reignland

MadD3E has released a fancy smooth new track called “Know Me Better (ft. Bluesforthehorn)

Rome-born and bred producer/songwriter MadD3E is truely one of a kind. Describing himself as a very moody person, the sympathetic Italian has found a way to mirror his mood in his productions. Clearly, his passion can be figured out quite easily – he’s a sucker for a good bassline. And he loves chords. And drums. Well, he basically lo- ves and breathes music. “East London talent “Bluesforthehorn” embraces her R&B influences as she fuses the heart of Aaliyah with the spirit of Erykah Badu. “Know Me Better” portrays strong women that know what they want.”

This is my kind of groove! I absolutely love everything about this wonderful track. The beat and heavy bass is fantastic, the vocals are so great! I liked the lyrics a lot. It all comes together in a sexy sort of way. Be sure to listen to this great track above and please leave your much appreciated feedback below, then add this track to your playlist.