LUNNE releases new pop single, ‘Electricity’ – Reignland

The Manchester-based artist, LUNNE has released a new single titled, ‘Electricity’. I feel serious nostalgia while listening to this track. It reminds me of some early 2000’s pop music and I love. She defiantly shines on this one with her light vocals that feel like a breath of fresh air and the lush atmosphere the instrumental creates as you listen. I love her vulnerability on this track as well. I defiantly miss that era of music and I’m glad there is an artist out there that still does this kind of music.

Born to English and Cuban parents, growing up in Spain but now based in Manchester, singer-songwriter LUNNE was raised listening to a range of artists from Aretha Franklin and La Lupe to British 70s/80s rock bands. She began writing short stories and poems at a young age and soon picked up a guitar and turned her poems into music.

LUNNE has recently graduated with a BA in Songwriting from BIMM Manchester and is currently working on her next single.

Get the track: deezer.com, soundcloud.com, music.apple.com