Loveclub has released a romantic new track called “Torment” – Reignland

Loveclub has released a very romantic track called “Torment. ” It is a contemporary alt-pop song about realizing you are more emotionally invested in someone than you thought. This song is soft in its vocals and very straight forward with the vocals. I liked the beat with the drums and keyboard.

The Vancouver born, Los Angeles based zealous and young singer-songwriter/producer behind alias Loveclub is Arthur Fabbro. He grew up in Nanaimo, BC on Vancouver Island. He got a guitar for his 10th birthday, but it wasn’t until he was 16 that he took interest and asked his dad to show him a few chords.

At the age of 23, unsure of a sonic direction and feeling limited in his hometown he booked a flight to LA to figure out what exactly he wanted to do musically. After a lot of exploration and experimentation, he eventually landed on a sound he identified with as his own.

“I grew up with the likes of The Cure, Coldplay, Green Day, The Cranberries and Enya always playing in the house. When I moved to Los Angeles I was exposed to a lot more niche music which helped shape my sound. I started listening to all these bands new and old that were unlike anything my parents had played growing up and unlike what I’d listened to myself. I dove deep into 80s pop and 90s RnB and then discovered current bands like The 1975 and LANY. Then at some point, they all started to merge. My past more acoustic songwriter sound with my new fondness of electric pianos and drum machines. I think that was the start of Loveclub. It was also the same time I’d be thinking of names for the project and happened on Loveclub and it just felt right. It was the first time I had a name to represent my music that didn’t have anything that didn’t sit right with me. It’s one word that looks good visually and represents my sound sonically in somewhat of a verbal way. Soft and romantic, but not for everyone.”

With four releases under his belt and listeners waiting to hear more he has earned himself some buzz from blogs online. His latest release “On the Face of It” garnered him a nod from Acid Stag as a ‘Newcomer’ to look out for, as well as past praise from Atwood Magazine, The Music Ninja, Cloudberry Mornings and Ic3y Magazine among others.

Great for today’s vibe (Valentine’s Day). Please listen and enjoy, then leave your feedback below.

Connect: http://facebook.com/1800loveclub