lindsay and french for rabbits has released a soothing track called “time to go” – Reignland

lindsay and french for rabbits has released a lovely and soothing track called “Time to Go”

lindsay is the indie acoustic project from Brooklyn-based Australian artist, Will Cuming.

His debut, ‘time to go’, is a quiet escape from the noise. Intimate and raw, and straight from the heart into the laptop microphone, together with collaborator NZ artist ‘french for rabbits’.

After working mostly in electronic music for the past few years, lindsay is the result of falling in love with the guitar again whilst listening to phoebe bridges on repeat for a whole year.

This track has a beautiful harmony throughout the song that melts your heart and calms the mind. The guitar is bold in this track as it carries the moment that you are feeling as you listen. Loved it. Be sure to listen to the track above and please leave a feedback below, then add this to your playlist.