Levi Rowan has released an upbeat new track called. “Let it Go” – Reignland

Levi Rowan has released a wonderful upbeat track called “Let it Go” “Let It Go is an extremely personal track because it’s basically my origin story. Through multiple instances, I detail negative situations that have influenced me to see the world through an at times frustrating lens. This song was made to lift that off of my shoulders. It’s also a message to everyone not to judge a kid before you know them, it’s really easy to deem someone a bad apple off hearsay before you know what seeds they’ve been grown from. Growing up and trying to find your place in this world is difficult, hopefully, this song to help people take a breath.” This track is a fun and upbeat song that shares experiences that we all can identify with. The music is terrific and the vocals are fantastic! I loved singing along to it. Just listen and share your feedback below. Add it to your playlist.