Layto releases dope new single, ‘My Final Symphony’ – Reignland

Layto’s comes in strong with his latest single ‘My Final Symphony’. This track blends hip hop and piano progression to create a heartfelt track like no other. The catchy chorus will keep you hooked for days. Layto explains the origin behind the track:

“It was something I wrote after feeling disempowered in my career. Losing management and parting ways with my team, not having success at the time. I just wrote this record as someone who was contemplating leaving, as a metaphor for leaving music. It’s a woe-is-me record… someone who feels like no one cares about him, he’s forgotten. That’s just how I felt when I wrote it.

He continued, “When it comes to writing it’s normally really negative experiences that imprint on my mind, so they tend to be the catalyst for my records. For some reason I feel more compelled to create from that space than from a happy place”

I hope this track gets a visual, seems like it would be dope if it did. Please add this to your playlist now.