Klemntyna has released an amazing and soulful track called “Purple Skies” – Reignland

Klemntyna has released “Purple Skies” Klemntyna is the pop-r&b project by London/Brooklyn-based and Warsaw-born singer/songwriter and producer, Klementyna Bohdanowicz.  This track is so full of soul and it took me to another place while listening. I love the beautiful vocals and the heavy drums and keyboard melted me as they meshed with the vocals. Just great. The lyrics were awesome.

She spoke on what inspired the track, “The song is about nostalgia, vulnerability and hope. To me, “Purple Skies” is a metaphor for NYC (and quite literally its jaw-dropping sunsets that were an inspiration to me!), which makes me the most powerful and dynamic, at the same time quite lonely. One summer afternoon I went to the Whitney Museum and had a chance to watch the most beautiful sunset on their terrace. At that time, I was feeling sentimental and nostalgic about someone I was hurt by right before the summer. I was still hoping for a change and felt very vulnerable and unstable as even though I was hurt, I knew the minute they texted me, I’d forget about everything.

She continued, “When I sing the line “Purple Skies” I think of the kind of beautiful and unforgettable memory, but most importantly a barrier that prevents me from moving on. Thus, the song to me expresses a mixture of cold and warm feelings. I wanted to express what nostalgia for someone feels like to me, which I associate with coldness and rawness (most hearable in the music). At the same time, through lyrics and voice, I also wanted to show my vulnerability, warmth and hope. I have long been inspired by Scandinavian music and Nordic-sounding elements, especially minimalism, nature, coldness, which I tried to make the primary sound of the song (thus the strong ambient influence). At the same time, because “Purple Skies” is about my feelings and personality in NYC (with which I definitely identify the most), I was inspired by rawness and futurism that I associate with this city. Even though the song talks about rather sad feelings, I do not think of “Purple Skies” as too sad, but more as an expression of confusing, mixed feelings, kind of running back and forth between cold and warm emotions, and melancholy that something isn’t the way it used to be or we want it to be.“

Klemntyna is the pop-r&b project by London/Brooklyn-based and Warsaw-born singer/songwriter and producer, Klementyna Bohdanowicz. 

Inspired by the music of Michael Jackson at the age of 12, Klemntyna began singing and dancing, posting covers of pop songs recorded in her bedroom on YouTube. Afraid to pursue music full-time after high school, she enrolled in New York University’s Tandon School of Engineering for a year before transferring to NYU Tisch’ Clive Davis Institute. Forced to drop out, Klemntyna eventually moved to London and began an Internet collaboration with an LA/NYC-based producer, Bruno Bak. 

In April 2019, Klemntyna released her self-written and co-produced with Bruno debut single “Halfway Thru”, later followed by “Wonders”. She soon relocated to Brooklyn to begin working with other NYC-based collaborators. 

In November 2019, Klemntyna released, an R&B/Pop summer tune, “Brooklyn Boi”, in collaboration with South African producer, Gino Lee, and NYC/LA producer-songwriter, Will Dailey.

Be sure to listen and enjoy this treat above and please leave a much appreciated feedback below.

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