The last time we heard from singer-songwriter Kara Connolly, her debut album Life in Rear View had justlanded on the first-round ballot at the Grammys, was one of Music Connection Magazine’s highest reviewed, Top 25 New Music Critiques of 2019, and was nominated for two HMMAwards (including “Best Independent Music Video”). Now Kara is back with an encorea sunny music video for her song Marry Me, a fan favorite. “This video goes out to my kind and loyal Karakeets who have been so supportive of this entire album. I wanted to make something special just for them,” she exclaims. 

The heartfelt video features her singing on a sunlit beach and shares footage from her cousin’s wedding. Kara initially wrote the song for another cousin’s wedding. “‘They got married in my parent’s backyard in San Diego; hence the lyric, “You’ve got the car, I’ve got the keys, My aunt’s got a house down by the sea”—the aunt in question is my mom. The message of this song is one of spontaneity, savoring the moment and celebrating the love between the two most important people in a union—each other.” 

For Kara, quarantine has only solidified her view that nothing is more important than spending time and celebrating the ones we love the most. “As I see more and more people getting married virtually and finding unique ways to express their commitment, even if it means postponing, I’ve been very inspired to see that love always finds a way.”  I can’t wait to see more from this amazing artist.

This track is very nice, I enjoyed watching the video with the beautiful visuals of the beach or the video of wedding moments of the beautiful bride and groom. This track could be used to propose for someone in a romantic setting as they set up the special moment. I loved the vocals and the lyrics are amazing. Just be sure to check it out for yourself and please share your thoughts on this below. Add this beautiful song to your playlist, who knows when you may need to use it?

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