KAHLLA realizes that getting what you want won’t always make you happy on new single ‘In the Morning’ – Reignland

German artist and songwriter KAHLLA, aka Freya Volk, has released a new single, “In the Morning” This is a feeling that none of us ever want to experience, but this artist brings it to light and makes a good point. The mellow sounds of the instruments truly add to the lovely vocals on this track. She spoke on the track saying,

“This song was written when a lot of things in my life were changing – for the better, I thought: new flat, new job straight out of Uni, I felt like I had ‘achieved’ something. But then one night, on a drive to Essex to collect a sofa for our totally empty flat, I broke down to my partner and realised: I wanted all of this so badly yet I am still unhappy. But within this song also firmly sits the realisation that you have to take each day as a fresh start.”

‘In the Morning’ is the second single off KAHLLA’s EP ‘Sense of Self’ (out 20th March). She was born in Amsterdam and raised in southwest Germany.

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Get the track: geo.music.apple.com, youtube.com, spotify.com, deezer.com

Connect: http://www.kahllamusic.com/