Jonathan Baines debuts with breathtaking single, ‘Just As You Are’ – Reignland

Nashville’s pop singer-songwriter Jonathan Baines has released his infectious debut single, ‘Just As You Are’. The debut will have you speechless as every note is beautiful and perfectly timed. It will send chills down your spine like the first time you heard Same Smith. The way he can hit such powerful notes and then bring them to this velvety tone is addictive. This is just a debut and I’m already ready to see him on tour. The production is so crisp and perfect that you will get lost in the journey he takes you on with his lyrics.

“Just As You Are,” speaks to loving someone just as they are in the present moment. “The song’s takeaway for me is to never miss out on the chance to spend time with the one you love, no matter where you are or what you’re doing,” shares Baines. “I love you now in this moment…not who you’ve been in the past, not where you’ll be, right now just us as we are, as you are. Making that mindset the priority, every day. In my personal life I look back and see how this mindset has kept my marriage strong.”

Prior to calling Nashville his musical home, Baines traveled in a band from 2008-2011 to earn his way through college. He’s been around the block a time or two and knows that his best days are coming up, just ahead. You will have this on repeat a couple of times. It’s such a good debut and will definitely have him standing out in this large music industry. His range is ridiculous and his ability to take feelings and bring you into his emotions is insane. Be sure to leave your feedback below and add this to your playlist. It’s a must-listen.

Connect: https://www.facebook.com/Jonathan-Baines-333610560437174