Jev shares new banger titled, ‘Matrix’ + Intrview – Reignland

20-year-old musician, Jev is knocking down the door of the hip hop scene with his new single, ‘Matrix’. The aggressive flow with the intoxicating bass creates an unforgettable track. He’s pioneering a new sound rooted in R&B and Rap. His creativity stems from his diverse music background, his goal is to introduce rap fans across the world to new stories and sounds. I had a chance to get to know the man behind the track. Read the conversation below.

How did you begin your career? “Growing up, I was always a creative kid. I was into all types of things movies, books, art, etc but music has always been my best form of expression. I started writing music at the age of 9 but it was more of a hobby then, it was not until i turned 14 and entered the talent show in high school, that i realized i can actually make money from this and even have a career, ever since then I’ve been taking it seriously.”

Who was your inspiration and why? “A lot of people inspire me, in terms of music and artistry I look up to greats like Micheal Jackson, Lauryn Hill, J Cole and Kendrick LamarIt is my goal to reach that level of artistry and they just inspire me to keep perfecting my craft. Another person that inspires me outside of music is my mom, she’s like a real-life superhero, she raised me and my 2 siblings on her own after my dad passed and I saw how hard she worked to give us a decent life, seeing  her overcome that and still be so strong inspires me every day to keep going and to keep pushing for my goals”

Your new single is such a banger, what made you incorporate that movie into it? “First of all thank you and yeah THE MATRIX  is one of my all-time favorite movies. I wrote this song a few days into quarantine back in March when everyone was just eating, watching Netflix, and adjusting to this new way of life, I was watching the movie and it got to the scene where NEO the main character finally achieves his purpose and becomes the “chosen one”  despite having watched the movie a couple of of times prior, this time was different for some reason i just thought about NEO’s growth throughout the movie, in the beginning, he is this shy, anxious and uncertain guy who let’s face it, didn’t know what he was doing and he was quite all over the place but still then everyone saw his potential except him, finally after all hope is lost he becomes the “chosen one” and his energy is different, he becomes confident and just walks with a purpose…. and my whole thing was how do i take that whole experience of finally reaching your full potential like NEO and put in a song, that was how MATRIX was born”

Why was it important to share such a positive message about becoming your full potential? “It was super important for me, just like NEO a lot of us don’t have any idea what we’re doing in life and as a result of that, we become super anxious and lack confidence. A lot of us are good at something but never challenge ourselves to become even better because we’re comfortable at the level we’re at. I think about all the wasted potential in cemeteries and how sad it is these people never got to live out their full potential, who knows we could have had flying cars by now if someone decided to challenge themselves. Don’t live your life in regret, work to become the best version of yourself, and reach your full potential.”

Do you feel at your full potential? “If you do when did you feel like you got there? If you don’t what would make you feel that way? No, far from it actually. I feel like reaching your full potential is a process and even when you do reach your full potential there’s still work to be done (probably why there are 2 sequels to THE MATRIX) I don’t know what exactly would make me feel like I’ve reached my full potential, will it be inspiring millions? winning a grammy? I honestly don’t know but we will find out once i get there.”

When can we expect more music? “Right now I’m working on my EP, I’m planning for a 2021 release but until then I’ll be releasing singles, my next song drops in the coming month so stay tuned for that.”

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