Jessica Luise shares chilled indie folk track, ‘Television Mister’ – Reignland

Singer, songwriter Jessica Lusie is ready to share her second single titled, ‘Television Mister’. She brings heavy drums and slick guitar licks that takes this single to the next level. The production is crisp and doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to the mix. Her vocals come in hitting hard and powerful as she tells a story many of us can relate to. The insane melodies that back the chorus as she sings just puts a stamp her place in the music industry. She writes her lyrics like an old story teller who creates an almost realistic story with detailed lyrics making you feel like you are actually there.

Written during lockdown, ‘Television Mister’ tells the story of falling in love with an on-screen character and eventually finding someone with those attributes in real life.

“Imagine if a guy like you could really exist, instead of boys who cannot fill the shoes of men made out of scripts”, Jessica sings, commenting on how people can’t always live up to the high standards of love that are portrayed through film and television. 

‘Television Mister’ is Jessica Luise’s second official single release, following the gorgeous indie-folk song ‘Better Place’ which has received several plays on BBC Merseyside since its release, and more recently received airplay on Co-op Radio, playing in every Co-op store in the country.