Janet Blair shares her truth on new single, ‘I am Sorry’ – Reignland

Classically-trained pianist and oboist, Janet Blair pours her heart out on this new intimate single, ‘Sorry’. She showcases her heart on her sleeve during the duration of this enchanting experience. Her lush vocals rise above the melody so effortlessly as she captures you with her emotions and need to let go. Her lyrics are relatable and you feel all the pain within her voice that she feels. You also feel comfort that someone else understands. The fading of her voice into the background as the dynamic piano and synths play create this dream like oasis as she sings.

Her Fall 2020 project, Over Under, centers around the concept that love is humble and gentle, but at other times insistent – resistant even. The album explores this theme through the lens of various relationships, many of which are her own family. The album was produced in Gray Matters Studios in Nashville, TN.

Her debut album charted at #6 on the regional Billboard charts and her single “Eternity Grows” has been featured in five film festivals. I can’t wait to hear more.