Jake Mare has released a Reggae track called “Up the Hill” – Reignland

Jake Mare has released a great Reggae track called “Up the Hill” Jake Mare is a Solo musician from Norway. Writing and recording music in various genres. Guitarist, bassist, singer and producer. The harmonious vocals of this track are very touching as you listen to the wonderful instruments tell the story. The acoustic guitar does stand out from the strong reggae beat to give you a taste of more than one genre. It was a pleasure to listen.

He spoke briefly on the inspiration behind the single, “A very personal and meaningful song to me. I wrote it right after I hit rock bottom and attempted to end my own life. I was stopped and forced into therapy to try to sort things out. I was never really in touch with my emotions and had trouble expressing them so I struggled a lot with song lyrics. Until this happened and I finally started to get a hold of everything and I just started writing and writing. This whole song was written and recorded in three days because I had so much creative energy. The lyrics are very personal, but I’m happy to be able to get it out there and expose myself like this. I feel like a whole new person.

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