Issermann released a rocking new track called “Throated” – Reignland

Issermann’s first single, ‘Throated’, confronts a personal battle with anxiety and self-destructive behaviour, with brutal honesty. His raw, emotive vocals build amidst delicate piano, before the instrumental explodes into grungy guitars and trap percussion. 

‘I was writing about a time in my life when I was losing the battle with anxiety. I felt a literal lump in my throat – a manifestation of all the wasted opportunities and unfulfilled ambitions. It was making me gag and making me sick. In ‘Throated’, I’m speaking to that other voice inside me, living out this fight to recognize myself again.’

A feeling too many of us are familiar with! The beat in this song will wake you up to a realization that you have some issues. The vocals and lyrics are amazing and speak a hard truth. The guitar and other instruments are wonderfully played and I loved it. Be sure to listen to this track above and please share your feedback below. Add this to your playlist.