Indiana Bradley and Sie Sie Benhoff release a heartfelt indie rock single, “Let You Go” – Reignland

We’ve all been here before, a breakup. Those are never fun but with the right kind of music, you can get over anything. Indiana Bradley and Sie Sie Benhoff are here to add some fire music to your catalog with a new indie rock breakup song called “Let You Go” First I really liked the video for this song, I liked the scenes in the recording studio with each person singing. The lead guitar solo playing is exceptional!

The lyrics to this song were really touching, You could feel the emotions that these vocalist poured into each set of lyrics. “I wrote this song as a ballad break up duet where both parties mirror each other’s emotions and the difficult emotions of moving on, letting go.”, she said. The scene of a concert and the drums was the best! This was filmed at Jimi Hendrix favorite west coast studio TTG and live music venues in Los Angeles The Satellite and Harvard and Stone. Be sure to take a listen to this wonderful track above and please leave your thoughts below. Add this to your playlist.

Get the track: spotify.com, soundcloud.com