Henry Nozuka releases new single, ‘Into the Wild’ – Reignland

Toronto based, Singer/Songwriter/Producer, Henry Nozuka has released a new single that will melt your heart titled, ‘Into the Wild’. The track is one of the smoothest I’ve heard. His vocals sounds like butter as he sings each verse. The melodies that overtake this track feel like a fresh breeze or a warm hug. I love how each melody just feed into the next. It’s such a captivating listen and I didn’t even notice the song end because I was so lost in it.

Speaking on the track, “Into the Wild is a search for meaning in life. I wrote this song after reading an imaginative children’s story to my nephew. I wanted to bring the listener into a surreal world, and also reflect upon the nature and journey of my life experience. I was highly influenced by the music of Nick Drake and José González. Musically I wanted to create a minimal arrangement, and portray a mood that is intimate and serene. I wanted to depict the feeling which I get when I listen to Nick Drake’s Pink Moon. Which to me feels like you’re in the room with Nick. I feel that the artwork by Vinyl Cry represents the themes of this song very well in a surreal and suggestive way. Simplicity, a deep sense of peace, and a quest for eternal love.”

This is the first single released off of Henry Nozuka’s debut-album release, “Ember of the Night”. I can’t wait to hear it and if you agree leave feedback below.

The Single Cover is by: Vinyl Cry
And the photograph is by: Justin Nozuka

Get the track: apple.com, youtube.com, deezer.com, soundcloud.com