Hello Victim releases an empowering new visual for “Out of It Alive” – Reignland

Vancouver alt-pop band Hello Victim’s newest offering, “Out of it Alive” has been released today and speaks to survivors of abuse. This track will reach and change a lot of lives! The trio is confident that the single will resonate with listeners. “We’ve all met the person this song is about,” Megan hints, “That person who gives you a creepy ‘something about this is very wrong’ feeling in your gut.” The self-directed music video adds a new piece of visual content to the already amazing lyrics. The lyrics are so true for many. The vocals are awesome! I loved the music especially the drums! The background vocals were a little eerie but it fits nicely with the storyline.

But the song isn’t intended to be entirely doom and gloom according to the press release, she clarifies. Rather, it represents triumph: “For those of us who are unlucky enough to become entangled with these types of people, times can get pretty scary and that toxicity stays with you for some time, even after they’re gone from your life. Sometimes it makes you bitter and vengeful, which is hard to grow out of. This song is kind of like the phoenix’s flight; it’s the catastrophic rebirth from that very dark place when you realize that none of us get out of this life alive, and the only justice that is in our individual power to serve is choosing to reject toxicity, move on from these people, and stop letting them live rent-free in our heads.”

Juno Award-winning producer Ben Kaplan of Fader Mountain Sound (Mother Mother, Five Alarm Funk) produced and mixed the track and the process was transformative, say Hello Victim. “We knew the song would take on some new life, but Ben’s intuition really worked for us,” Spencer Daley recalls. “The first day in the studio, we agreed on more of a running dynamic beat and worked on a baseline for the chorus that instantly made everything pop. We even ended up adding some entirely new elements to the structure of the song. All of it brought up the energy and emotion of the track and really reinforced the message we were trying to get across.”

Hello Victim will celebrate the release of “Out Of It Alive” at Vancouver’s Biltmore Cabaret on June 12th, joined by a lineup of well-loved local acts including Winter Youth and Tissa Rahim.

Great work on this project. Be sure to listen to this song above and leave your feedback below.

Get the track: geo.music.apple.com, spotify.com, deezer.com, soundcloud.com

Connect: http://facebook.com/hellovictimofficial