Hannah Connolly graces us with a new track called “Meet You There” – Reignland

Eau Claire, Wisconsin native Hannah Connolly is gearing up for the release of her new single “Meet You There,” off her debut album, From Where You Are. Hannah parcels out the burden of grief in these beautiful memoirs about coping with the unimaginable loss of her brother. In sharing the gift of this incredibly personal story with us, Connolly is reminiscent of the songwriting bravery of artists like Kacey Musgraves and Brandi Carlile.  

Focus single “Meet You There,” is equal parts moving, hopeful, and catchy. “I like driving through the canyons on the day’s I’m missing you,” she sings, “When the sun comes, breaking through the dawn, I’ll meet you there.” Connolly’s gossamer vocals hold onto every word, weaving a track that is both complicated and encouraging. The album, Arizona, makes you feel – from heartbreak and longing to passion and promise – each feeling is woven into every delicate melody, every fragile breath, and touching lyric. 

This is such an overwhelming and emotional ride as I enjoy the beauty in this track, The vocals and lyrics were filled with a lovely spiritual moment in time. The music was exquisite in every way. It made me think of all the ones I loved and lost. Beautiful project. Well done.

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