haer speaks on a tragic event in her childhood on her new single, ‘The B Word’ – Reignland

A lot of people deal with the story haer is telling in her new single and it is never easy. In haer’s new single, ‘The B Word’, she speaks of her mothers passing an how it effects her today. The indie pop creates an atmospheric sound infused with a deep bass. Her light angelic vocals match not only the tone of the track but also the emotions she speaks of. I am happy she was able to express them in a way that will help others to feel better. The beat switch towards the end is exceptional and really makes the track an instant smash. You will get hooked on the beat switch.

“This track is a deep reflection about the trauma of my mom passing away when I was only ten years old, and how I was left confused and puzzled about who I had to be and who I was becoming. Even when I tried to piece memories of her to learn more about myself, the constant repression of the event made it difficult to remember who she actually was. ‘The B Word’ is the word, bye and how I was never able to say it and how I still feel like, at times, I cannot come to terms with what happened.”

She began writing to the hooks of radio songs with lyricism influenced by indie artists she’d discover online. In 2018, haer released her first single, “Split” — a song directly peeled off an old journal entry onto an electronic beat. She now has nearly 400,000 streams on Spotify and over 30,000 streams on SoundCloud. Leave some kind words below.