Greyson Chance dances in the desert in new Western ‘Boots’ visual – Reignland

Singer, songwriter and performer Greyson Chance releases his new single, “Boots” with accompanying music video. The single shows why Greyson was picked by Ellen at 12. The track is not only accompanied by his timeless vocals but also a fresh, vibey, original instrumental. The video, shot in a desert outside of Los Angeles, was co-directed by Greyson and frequent collaborator, Bobby Hanaford. The video doesn’t fall short at all with Greyson showing off his most amazing dance moves and fighting ability.

Says Greyson, “’Boots’ at its core, is a narrative addressing pop culture’s current usage of Western imagery. When I was writing the song, I found myself imagining what Johnny Cash would be like if he were around and making music in 2019. I thought about what he would wear, how he would act, and what he would write about. My conclusion was that it all would look and feel considerably different than these stars wearing cowboy hats these days. Being from Oklahoma, I understand that being ‘Western’ isn’t all about the style, it’s about an attitude, an obsessive loyalty and an unwavering wildness. ‘Boots’ is truly just an observation of what I see in pop culture currently, and what I think about it.”

Greyson came into the national spotlight in 2010, after an unforgettable performance of Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” was viewed by over 60 million people on YouTube. What followed was a plethora of national television appearances and world tours. Greyson came out publicly in 2017 and uses his platform to be a resource and champion for others in the LGBTQ community. The new track and video are the next step in Greyson’s evolution as an artist and what’s to come for him in 2020.

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