Gim Kordon share new visual for single, “Joskus mä pelkään” – Reignland

Gim Kordon has released “Joskus ma pelkaan” This is a feel-good song with a retro and modern-day mix. The music video that came along with the track is as electrifying as the track itself. It really brings the song to life and makes the band look so epic. The lead vocalist has such a retro sound to his voice, it fits the melody perfectly. They released their debut album Ei ole helppoo (“It’s Not Easy”) back in 2014 and we are glad they are back.

“Joskus mä pelkään was originally referred to by its working title The Posies during band practices; it has clear references to the golden age of our favorite band. It’s also fun that I met Janne for the first time at The Posies’ gig at the legendary Tavastia club in Helsinki in 1996, and I also got to know drummer Alexandros Karoutsos around the same time,” says Aleksi Pahkala about the new single.

I can’t wait to hear more. Leave your feedback below.

Get the track: spotify.com, apple.com, youtube.com

Connect: https://gimkordon.com/