FXRRVST releases a heartfelt new track called “This Rough Patch” – Reignland

Toronto-based Australian/Canadian Indie Rock duo FXRRVST (pronounced ‘forest’) has released a great new track called “This Rough Patch” It’s the second single from their forthcoming EP Dear Friend; Side A (releasing on April 10, 2020). I really enjoyed this song! The music was really great! The vocals on this track are excellent, I especially enjoyed watching the video that goes to that song. The kids playing Dodge Ball in the gym spoke volumes to me for very personal reasons. But this is a fantastic track.

Speaking on the track, the duo said, “This Rough Patch is a song that we always hoped people would find strength and comfort in, but it’s especially relevant to us now with so many people affected by this worldwide pandemic” explains Holly Forrest, the Australian half of the duo. “It’s about overcoming difficult times and reinforces “if we try hard enough, we’ll get through this rough patch”. Sometimes we need something/anything to give us the strength to take those first few steps towards progress, and we hope this song can be that for our listeners”.

“We wanted to keep the video light-hearted and fun as a contrast to Holly’s deeply personal and cathartic lyrics, so we thought what’s better than watching kids having fun?” said Matt Fuentes. “The video is centered around a group of kids who are waiting for class to end so they can race to the school gym to play some dodgeball. Upon arrival, they are challenged by a much older group of boys. Through determination and skill, the kids overcome the odds and beat the older boys, showing that anything is possible if you work hard and believe in yourself.”

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Connect: https://www.fxrrvst.net/