Francis Aud is losing his mind ‘Without You’ in new jazzy single. – Reignland

Francis turned heartbreak into a groovy masterpiece titled ‘Without You’. “Fell in love with a girl, she left me, wrote this while sobbing uncontrollably, good times… In all seriousness, a sad bop to dance to!” he said about the track. According to the press release, the artist dated the girl for a year and she wanted to go find herself. As a musician, he did the best thing to get over her, create a hit! ‘Without you’ may be a sad song but it’s also such a groovy track that would instantly get you up dancing that heartbreak away. I can’t stop listening to it or singing the catchy chorus it has and those vocals? Pure gold!

Get the track now and connect with him on the web here; facebook.com/FrancisAudMusic instagram.com/francisaudmusic