Evran has released a sinister track called “Villains In The Night” – Reignland

Evran has released a uniquely devilish track called “Villains in the Night” The story of the lyrics is painting a picture of a group of friends being out at night, discussing, partying and goofing about. Trying not to conform to societies norms. Finding comfort with their “Devils” because they do not judge or mind their behavior.

I know all too well how it was when I was a teen and this track really drew me in. I loved the vocals and the music, especially the piano and the drums they were wonderfully played. The theme of the song is about the first innocent rebelions of teenagers. Breaking your curfew, bending the rules and doing mischievous things at night ect. They are all very inocente acts, you’re just trying to akwardly figure out who you are. But in those moments you felt like a Villain in the Night. Be sure to listen to the track above and leave a feedback below.