Drop Lone shakes up EDM with new single, We Won’t, Ever – Reignland

Duo Drop Lone has released a fun new freeing single titled, ‘We Won’t, Ever. This beautiful new track fuses soft synths that lead into an upbeat melody in the chorus. The vocals are crisp and full of mysterious wonder. I was hooked from the cover, so artistic and different. It’s intriguing to look at. If you arent moving to this, then what are you doing? You could also have drifted off into the dreamy world this song creates for the listener.

Drop Lone is the result of one of these predestined encounters between two artists who are just waiting to join forces to express themselves better. It was during a film session of the film about Avicii, a great inspiration of Baptiste and Samuel, that these two artists discovered each other. Each one immersed in his universe, one musical, the other graphic, and connected by a common attractiveness for the creation, the two friends got to know each other, sailing between Parisian megalopolis and high mountain of Switzerland to draw a common inspiration, and make it spring up powerful and authentic music.

Their style can be summed up in their name.

The Drop, symbol of electronic music and the desire to dance. Their electronic desires wish to push to the creation, to the expression, to the dance.

And Lone, the melody of the word carries all the melody of their music. A depth melodic whose purpose is to transmit emotions.

Get the track: spotify.com, music.apple.com, deezer.com