DOUBLECAMP has released an amazing new track called “Whenever You Call” – Reignland

Doublecamp has released an absolutely special new track called “Whenever You Call” Nashville pop duo, DOUBLECAMP, translates their positive lifestyle into soulful pop melodies and infectious choruses. I fell in love with this song instantly after it started and will play it on repeat! The beat of this track as it follows every word of the lyrics really set my heart on fire with excitement. I love the story line of this track because it tells my story. The keyboard and drums were a sweet spot for me throughout this bad A** song! The vocals are priceless. This song is about meeting someone who helps you feel like you aren’t alone in your anxiety. It is the first release following our self titled EP last December. I LOVE IT!!! Be sure you listen to this above and please share your feedback below. Add this to your playlist (I will be).

Get the track: spotify.com, youtube.com

Connect: https://www.doublecampmusic.com/