DJ Jay Woods releases a New Music Video for his Single “Hold On” featuring Trey & SB Surfs – Reignland

DJ Jay Woods has released a new visual for his single “Hold On”. The R&B track is amazing from start to finish with a catchy chorus and emotional tones in the vocals that make you really feel what the artist is saying. The instrumental has a nice light bass element and the classic 808 that we all love. I love the visual as well. He shows where he comes from as he sings his heart out about the struggle.

The video shows Fresco Trey walking down a lonely road reminiscing on childhood, as he switches from a boy to a man. You can also see Trey, as he goes through different things in life; from getting picked on and being thought how to work hard. Widely known Memphis rapper SB SurfsUp is also featured in this production, as he merge with Fresco Trey in the middle of the street, back to back as the video end comes to an end. I really love when artists showcase their vulnerable side to their fans, it just shows that everyone is human. I think this song would be a good fit for the radio and I can’t wait to see where he goes with this.

Co-Directed by Yo Ali and DJ Jay Woods

Shot by Yo Ali 

Connect: https://album.link/i/1485355163