David Newberry releases new single, ‘Montreal’ – Reignland

Toronto-based songwriter and performer, David Newberry has released new single titled, ‘Montreal’. This is the third single from a new record that is due out this month. The drum based melody is very retro with a touch of modern in it. The chorus is catchy with soft harmonies that blend so well together you get lost in them. I like the simplicity of the verse melodies as they build up to a high powered chorus.

Speaking on the track, he says, “In a desperate effort to break a long writing slump a few years back, I hopped on a bus one day from Toronto to Montreal to stay on a friend’s couch and try to write some new music. I dug out an old winter coat for the trip, and on route, I found a letter from a past life in the pocket that shook me deep. From there, the song kind of composed itself, and the curse of writer’s block lifted.” He challenges our notion of what contemporary music should feel like, and and places himself at the heart of our cultural dialogue.” I can’t wait to hear more. Be sure to pick your reaction below and even leave your own feedback for the artist.

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