Danielle Starz is moving on to a better her in a new empowering single, ‘Be Ok’ – Reignland

Twenty-three-year-old pop singer-songwriter and producer, Danielle Starz knows her worth and not taking anything less in her single titled, ‘Be Ok’. The track has a chill bassline with a pop-infused piano melody to accompany it. Her vocals are amazing and really has that power in them that make the empowering lyrics even more powerful. The dreamy adlibs behind her in the chorus really create this awakening type of atmosphere when you listen before the heavy bass comes in and really takes over you.

Speaking on the track she states, “This song is about surviving. We wanted to create something really happy and hopeful during this uncertain time. A lot of people have broken up and feel lonely during quarantine and this song is the kind of song that you want to sing along with, dance, party, and have a good time to. It’s really about knowing you’re going to feel ok even when everything hits the fan.”

Danielle began singing when she was just a child, classically training her voice and performing in various musical theatre productions. She later moved to Tampa, Florida where she attended Howard W. Blake Performing Arts High School studying dance and musical theatre. 

After studying at The Berklee College of Music, Danielle started working on writing and recording new songs and has released two singles, “Telescope” and “More.”

Get the track: apple.com, youtube.com, spotify.com

Connect: https://www.daniellestarz.com/