DAGG3RS has released a heavy hitting new track called “Summertime” – Reignland

 DAGG3RS has released a great new heavy hitting track called “Summertime” “DAGG3RS, the new project from singer, songwriter and Saints of Valory frontman, Gavin Jasper. DAGG3RS finds Jasper – a seasoned musician – experimenting in a way that he never has before.” “DAGG3RS is my new project. I came up with the name before writing the first song as I wanted the music and the name to have a mutual vibe from the beginning. ‘Summertime’ was the first song written and recorded for this project, its about losing our minds for three days at a festival. I wanted to tap into that vibe and that summer culture. We wanted it to have a jungle mantra feel that just goes round and round and gets you lost in the mood.”  This track is full of great heavy bass beat, it hits you hard in a great way! The drums and guitar mixed with the vocals are smooth and loud, a perfect combination! Be sure to listen to the track above and leave your feedback below, then add this to your playlist. It’s worth it!