Cosmic releases new sultry single ‘Fade Away’ about life. – Reignland

Cosmic is spitting some real bars about life on his latest single, ‘Fade Away’. This smooth project is beautiful from the production to the authentic lyrics he spits. The instrumental alone creates an intimate setting where it’s just you listening to the real he speaks.

“Throughout the song I talk about how I don’t want to “Fade Away” which doesn’t mean to literally die; but it means to live without purpose or without having some type of impact on the world. I talk about how I’m not sure what my purpose is but I just know I’m supposed to change the world. This song is all about reflecting on the things that really matter on life and it was made to vibe to while thinking. I feel like many people can relate to the song.” He states about the meaning behind the song.

You need to get this on your playlist ASAP. It’s a must have.