cehryl releases new addictive single, ‘Moon Eyes’ – Reignland

Bedroom soul artist cehryl shares her first single of 2020, “Moon Eyes.” The singer-songwriter and producer have spent the past year working on new music to follow her debut album Slow Motion. This track is gorgeous and mixes a retro sound with a modern pop melody. Her velvety vocals light up this track and create such a silky atompshere that almost feels like a dream. It almost reminds of Ariana Grande’s, “Honeymoon Avenue’. album.

When asked about the track, cehryl said, “When I wrote this I was obsessed with that Penny and the Quarters song from the movie Blue Valentine. The consistently shameless, confessional lyrics in love songs in the 60’s that painted the same clichés over and over again (the moon, the stars, roses, flowers, cigarettes, starlight, black and white movies). I was moved by how timeless the writing is in jazz standards, and wanted to recreate that tone. ‘moon eyes’ is an unrequited love story. It is about the lightness and brightness of falling in love as a convenient shield or distraction from feeling disappointed by someone. It is about being abandoned, being left to wonder. specifically, to wonder with a childlike optimistic naivety (‘maybe you’ve gone to buy me flowers’).” This track just flows so well on every listen. I can’t wait to see how she takes on this year. Leave her somedope words below if you enjoy her track.

Get the track: spotify.com

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