Brijs River releases tropical dream, ‘Swimming’ – Reignland

Brijs is here to put you on a dreamy journey with their new single, ‘Swimming’. The track sounds like a wonderful day on a tropical island. The song was conceived on a trip to a small village on the Charente River in France and you can hear all of the influence in the melodies. The echoing vocals are intriguing and really fit the tone the song is giving. It instantly feels like a breath of fresh air. The build-up in the chorus really gives you that extra boost you need.

the artist explains:

“That first trip to France was like jumping into a cool river on a summer’s day after a long journey and washing off five years of stress, sweat and grime. Half swimming, half floating, I headed downstream away from the greyness and noise towards a sun-drenched peace somewhere in the distance. Those two years living at Cecil Court felt similar in a way.”

Following on from the release of his previously shared singles ‘Glitra’, ‘Velvet Ditch’ and  ‘Stay Up, Stephanie’, all lifted from his forthcoming debut album ‘Glitra’. I can’t wait to hear the full project.

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