Brent Butler doesn’t think there is no one else like you in new rock single ‘Flashbacks’ – Reignland

Brent Butler has released a hard hitting new single titled, ‘Flashbacks’. The NYC based rapper, guitarist, singer, songwriter, and producer speaks on a failed would be romance. “At the time I was going through a pretty intense would-be romance so basically everything I was writing inevitably centered on that subject. The phrase “few will bring me flashbacks” and ran with it.”

He continued, “Hit Ableton and laid everything down. Later I decided to add a guitar solo, which I was unsure about because the record is already a lot more “rock” than most my other music. In the end I decided to lean fully in that direction, although most of the drum samples are fairly “trap.” I hope people dig it, I had fun producing it and it was pretty therapeutic to create a song from an otherwise painful chapter of life.”

The track is beautifully blended to create a head banging experience about an emotional time that anyone can relate to. You can feel the intensity of the song get bigger and bigger as you reach the chorus and he lets loose with a head banging melody of electric guitars and bass. I also dig the guitar solo to awards the end that really hooks the listener into the song.

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