Bloods uses the alphabet to spell out romantic sentiments in new rock single, “U & M E” – Reignland

“U & ME” is from Blood’s EP Seattle out May 15 via Share It Music. U & M E is a fun rock track that was inspired by the Nat King Cole classic L-O-V-E. Her raw vocals shine through the track as she spills out her love for someone in the verses. The visual does the song much justice as the singer is shown having fun and being in love while rocking out.

“I loved the idea of writing a song using the alphabet to spell out romantic sentiments. The childishness seemed to capture the immaturity of infatuation so well. During the ‘infatuation’ stage, you simplify any individual’s complexity by focusing on the things that they make you feel. The object of your affection becomes so perfect and unflawed because they turn you on or you like their smile, life without them becomes impossible to fathom. ” they shared.

They continued, “Infatuation is actually such a beautiful delusion. I wanted to write the song from the perspective of someone deep in the throes of that delusion. I wrote the chorus first thinking that it would be the verse, but I couldn’t seem to get the rest of the song right. I wrote three versions of this song before I finally cracked it one morning while I was in the shower. With the first verse and chorus lyrics written, I didn’t know what to do with the second half. I wasn’t sure how the hell I’d work the rest of the alphabet in 16 bars. I played the song to my friend Al Grigg, who suggested I try spitting a bunch of letters out at once and it really made sense to me from there. I wrote the entire second verse in my car, on the way to rehearsal and demoed the song that night.

The song also features guest vocals from Seattle icon TAD .

Connect: http://open.spotify.com/album/5HuyPS6wQv0syrR3dxEhsg & https://soundcloud.com/bloods/u-m-e-1/s-JVyBI