BLACKSTOCK has released a jazzy new track called”Why Did We Stop?” – Reignland

BLACKSTOCK wrote this song about the one that got away. Blackstock creates soul music about everyday experiences. Evan and Adrian are multi-talented musicians crafting all the elements of the song including the vocals, bass, keys, and drums with only 2 people. Lots of people love this song and they’ve received lots of positive feedback on it, and they hope you like it as well. BLACKSTOCK met 3 years ago in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, one of the fastest growing cities in the world, and their music has grown with it. BLACKSTOCK recorded this project live and will be releasing a live album on February 2020 and a full length LP later this year. Thank you for listening.

Blackstock has released a new track called “Why Did We Stop?” I love this track with the jazzy type vocals. The keyboard is wonderful with the drums, it’s a really nice song especially the keyboard /piano solo. Be sure to listen to this really good song and do us a favor by leaving some feedback at the bottom. Add this great track to your playlist.