Ayo released a new sultry Neo-Soul track called “Direction” – Reignland

“Direction” was written and recorded in Baltimore, Maryland. It was influenced heavily by Earth, Wind and Fire and early Micheal Jackson. Born in Atlanta, raised in Nigeria, AYO is a Strathmore-in-Residence 2020 artist who has previously performed with big names like Chance the Rapper, Andra Day, Common and MORE. Despite her challenges navigating life as a young Nigerian woman in today’s society, AYO has chosen to use her experiences to define her music. AYO’s smooth pop vocals channel messages of empowerment and even address important political issues of the times. 

This is my kind of jam! Wow! This is oh so good! Love the bass and drums and the background harmony as they blended so well together. The vocals were beautiful to hear! I started to move and did not stop until the music stopped. This was absolutely a song that made me feel really good! Thank you for the opportunity to listen. Be sure to listen for yourself and leave your feedback below. Add this to your playlist!