Axel Flóvent releases “Tourist” – Reignland

This year, 24-year old singer/songwriter Axel Flóvent returned home to Iceland, and chose to plant roots in Reykjavík. Tapping into the D.I.Y. spirit of his earliest recordings, but with a sense of refinement and newfound wisdom, Axel carefully assembled his debut album with producer Ian Grimble (1975, Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Daughter, Bear’s Den, Mumford & Sons).  He incorporated brass on nearly every tune, adding a robust organic energy to the tracks. Simultaneously, he chronicled his personal and musical growth. Lead single “Tourist” marks the first step. He delicately strums an acoustic guitar on the verses as a resounding chorus – “Maybe you’ll find it” – subsides into a swelling horn section. “That ‘It’ can be anything,” he reveals. “For me, it was home.” We can wait to hear more from this talented artist.

Get the track here: https://song.link/i/1485317763

Connect: https://soundcloud.com/axelflovent