Austin Falsetto has released a brand new track called “Skoot Skoot” – Reignland

Austin Falsetto has released “Skoot Skoot” he first remembers having a passion for singing when he was about 7. Growing up in a Christian family he sung in the youth choir. Most of his older siblings had bit more shine than he did when it came to singing on Sundays, so he just kept his voice to himself and only sung around his little brother Aaron. The talent that is seen on this track is amazing! The song is very nice and smooth when he’s singing the scoot scoot part but then the skilled rap comes in with a little more hardcore vibe. The song is romantic as well and it’s very visual, you can paint a picture in your head as he sings. Great project. Be sure to check this out and please leave your much appreciated feedback below. Add this to your playlist today.