ASTRINA releases inspiring new single, ‘I’m Still Here’ – Reignland

Astrina has released an amazing new track called “I’m Still Here” The guitar in this track is amazing! The drums are played with perfection! I love it! The vocals are rich and captivating with great harmony. The keyboard displays great sound effects that make this track almost angelic.

Speaking on the track, she says, “Until now, music was just my natural way of expressing what I feel. But I realized I want my writing process to do more. I want my songs to help me find a healthy perspective and to put my listeners in a good headspace. When I wrote this song, I was having a particularly rough morning. So I started writing to remind myself that living is persevering. The song immediately turned my mood around, and I ended up spending the whole day playing with sound and bringing it to life.”

Her music is inspired by acts like Muse, The xx and Radiohead, as well as her extensive background in classical music and film scoring.Her first few singles have been a hit among indie blogs and playlists, and her live show is growing increasingly popular in the Los Angeles music scene. Take the time to check it out then share your feedback below. Add this to your playlist today.

Get the track: spotify.comapple.com

Connect: https://www.instagram.com/astrinamusic/