Arms Akimbo releases new single, “Ellenda” – Reignland

Arms Akimbo releases a great new track titled, ” Ellenda” This track has a retro vibe to the melody for which we need in the music industry. The vocals match this tone so well as it also has a nice pop-punk feel. The production is so slick even with the retro sound. It reminds me of something like The Wonder Years.

“On the track, they say, “I wrote Ellenda after a conversation with our bassist Colin’s dad at a bar in Florida. We were talking about the things he had gleaned from studying Buddhist belief systems and   the importance of learning to separate your “self” from the thoughts that you have in order to remain present. As someone with a lifetime of struggling with anxiety and depression, this resonated with me in a big way. The idea that my thoughts are external and controllable rather than internal and out of my control was an essential step in growing my mental health and changing my perspective.”

They continued, “The song is named after a street that the band lived on in Culver City, California. It was an important period for all of us as friends and band members. We were eventually thrown out of that place (it was always too nice for us anyways…) and threw a wild 4/20 house show to say goodbye.”

Nice project. I can’t wait to hear more fro thia group.Be sure to listen to this great track above and please leave your feedback below. Add this to your playlist today.

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